The latest videos being posted on news sites for the Hacker group anonymous are highlighting the fact that the hacker group has the STUXNET computer virus which has the ability to control industrial software and equipment including traffic automation systems, power grids and nuclear power plants. In fact the group says they have posted the source code online.

The implied there here is they are highlighting their possession of the virus on their news sites after the issue has been placed on the back burner and some questioned whether or not they even had access to the source code for the virus at all.

Stuxnet – The Anatomy Of A Computer Virus

‘Anonymous’ Hackers have their say

In this video NBC receives an exclusive look inside Anonymous. Barret Brown, how is “senior strategist” for anonymous claims to have a copy of the STUXNET computer virus.

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Whether anonymous uses the virus or not is another story, but the group has released the STUXNET source code source code and pasted it online.


Anonymous Warns It Has Stuxnet Computer Virus

Anonymous Warns It Has Stuxnet Computer Virus



Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

Little worrying that this is out in the open…


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As the Bogor Hacker Crew reports:

Stuxnet is a Microsoft Windows computer worm discovered in July 2010 that targets industrial software and equipment. While it is not the first time that crackers have targeted industrial systems,it is the first discovered malware that spies on and subverts industrial systems,and the first to include a programmable logic controller (PLC) rootkit.

Stuxnet is designed to programmatically alter Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) used in those facilities. In an ICS environment, the PLCs automate industrial type tasks such as regulating flow rate to maintain pressure and temperature controls