Alexander Higgins House, Blog Destroyed Sandy Flooding

Alexander Higgins House, Blog Destroyed By Sandy Flooding

When I was 16 my “foster” parents through me out on the streets in the middle of the Blizzard of ’96 and I spent the next 8 years battling homelessness. I worked so hard to never have to face that threat again. Sandy just destroyed my house and we don’t have flood insurance. The Ex will be in court first thing filing to get custody back of our son. My wife doesn’t want to have to deal with that as we struggle to rebuild everything. Dark days lie ahead and there is just no simple solution as I find myself homeless once again 16 years later. This time it is not myself I have to fend for but a wife and two kids. My servers and my blog which are my livelihood are no longer, my family is about to be ripped apart and everything has just been destroyed. Have to keep my head up high and just keep moving forward because as I learned last time around even though I can’t see it there is a light somewhere at the end of the tunnel.

Right now I have limited access to electicity and internet so it is hard to keep in touch as my cell phone service is down and due to the tremendous amount of widespread damage power and other utlities are likely to take a long time before they are restored and I am struggling to find a solution to this disaster and get life back to normal for my family.

Donations and other assistance are highly appreciated in this time of need as I attempt to rebuild everything I have lost from starting all over from scratch.

For those not familiar with the area, I live right across the bridge from these now infamous scenes and can see the Seaside Bridge from my inlet into the Barnegat Bay.

I have spent the week waiting for help from FEMA while NJ governor Chris Christie is on TV saying FEMA is providing assistance within 24-48 hours. I showed up at a FEMA / Christie press conference just a few miles from my house and recorded them telling people 7 to 10 days to hear from them

Please share far and wide and help!! Thanks so much.

The server’s and networking equipment along with all other personal property have been wiped out by record Hurricane Sandy flooding.

I currently have limited access to the Internet, Electricity, Gas, Cell Phone Service and the like so I will try to post updates as I can.

For those who need to get in contact with me the best option at this point may be my Google voice number which will take calls even when I am not connected to the grid.

That number is 732-701-7147.

I will also being posting updates on my various social network accounts as I can.

Twitter: kr3at
Instagram: kr3at
Youtube: alexhiggins732

42 thoughts on “Alexander Higgins House, Blog Destroyed Sandy Flooding

  1. I am so sorry to hear of your plight…these personal disasters are just not on the news, MSM is playing it down – cannot draw attention to global warming, and that more is on the way in coming years.

    I wished I could help you Alexander Higgins… I am a disabled person living in poverty, but no storm here, thank goodness.

    I was stunned to surf the Alt news and see this… I have depended on you for Fukushima stories and so on..

    We need you to AH. Family first, but I hope things come together again for you.

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  3. I am so sorry to hear this. I kept wondering why you weren’t posting. I know what it’s like to be homeless. I house-hopped for 9 years. If it means anything, you and your family are in my prayers. I hope everything comes back together for you, and in a better condition than before. You never know…

  4. I don’t use credit cards or paypal but would happily send you something by mail if you have an address where you can pick it up. E-mail me whenever you get a chance. I’ve been reading your blog for years so it would not be a donation as such but repayment with gratitude for bringing the truth to light. Take care and best hopes for an improved future.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about this. I read your website daily. Im unemployed as of now, so I dont have the funds to help you. But Im truly sorry to hear this.

  6. Just leaving this message, because im surprised that GOD acted fast enough to stop your false propaganda imported out of Iran, China and Russia. I think now you slowly will realize who you have served. The Devils Side. But now you have enough time to think about, what you have done with all your propaganda and repeated warnings about the US. If there will be a god, you will not come on your feet again, because you are responsible for the death in Syria, Israel and soon in the USA, Europe, Saudi Arabia etc. Its also your fault, because you neither warned people of China or Russia or Iran, instead you supported it. You served the Devils side. Fact that!

    • I suppose you missed the whole concept of not judging others.
      That is what God does. Don’t attempt to usurp Him. Apparently, He doesn’t like it. He has feelings too, you should know.

    • This comment about God punishing you is not how the God of the Holy Scriptures Works. God does not work evil. The Evil one, his Evil Angels & Evil Mankind work Evil. It is Evil to misrepresent God. God is loving, kind, merciful, understanding & will fix mankind’s problems. He promises. Here is one place God nails down what he will do. Revelation 21: 1-5 it reads:
      21 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the former heaven and the former earth had passed away, and the sea is no more. 2 I saw also the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God and prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. 3 With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”
      Pray about everything all the time. Do all you can to work in harmony with your prayers. Your Faith Will Make You Well. Contact me for further encouragement and an address to send you some help. :) *Please do not post my contact information. Thanks! :) :) :) :) :) I am praying for you, your wife & children as I have been praying for all mankind and specific prayers for the Sandy Hurricane Victims. Believe, Follow Through & Attain. You have done this before. You will do it again. I am hoping your wife will read this too. May The True God Be With You All! :)

    • Hey- Duke:
      jesus loves you- go to the church of your choice, and wait. (At least that will get you out of your mommie’s basement). Packwood said it right: “Sufficiently advanced stupidity, is indistinguishable from evil,”

  7. Well it’s amazing how many people support your blog but won’t put their hands in their pocket to spare a dime. Have sent you $250 on paypal – hope it reaches you. Richard from UK.

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  9. I just found out about your blog this very day, and on entering, find out you had a blog -and so many other things- and it´s sad to hear what all happened to you ….. I´m not sure if God is being really heavy on you or if it´s the satitanic unhumans making artificial hurricanes, controlling all kinds of things in our lives like education, money, health, nutrition, etc., telling lies to the masses and murdering the ones that don´t fit in their stupid progam by any means available, be it vaccines, guilloutines, magazines …. I´d love to be able to be in the position to send you money or give you a place to live. I just think you should head for the countryside and prepare for some even rougher times, sell or give away anything you don´t really need (from whatever is left) and start some real survival training and meditation. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel for the ones who really deserve it, no matter the way towards it. God be with you.

  10. The main reason your house and your blog got destroyed by the Sandy Storm, is because you are wrongfully doing things wrong, you wrote wrong things, you talked about wrong things, you commented wrong things, and when you do so many wrong things in your life, nature will come and destroy your life. That’s natural. If you want to prevent the next coming disaster, start talking about goodness, all the things you talked on your blog are not goodness, they are all wrongful acts.

  11. What a bunch of arse holes. God didn’t do squat. The weather did. This man has lost everything and you God-talkers evidently do not know God at all. Your religion is all in your tongue! Hypocrites! Vipers! Pharisees!

    Alexander, please do not pay attention to this ignorance. I do not consider myself religious, but spiritual. Christ was a spiritual man. He was put down, spat upon, railroaded and blasphemed. Anyone who is trying to do the right thing will most likely be persecuted. That’s the way this stinking world is.

    I will check your blog again to see if you have a mailing address to send support to. Please don’t let the comments of the God-less squad rest on you.

  12. First off, I am dreadfully sorry to hear of your situation. My thoughts are with you and your family in this time of crisis.

    I was wondering why I hadn’t seen anything posted from you – you were missed.

    Secondly, I can’t believe that people who supposedly believe in God are manipulating their religion to suit their own means and act as if they would be smart enough monkeys to actually understand the plans of a supposedly omnipotent being. People like that are why I am an Atheist, and if it were up to me the ones who use God’s name to justify their own harm to others would be covered in honey and tied to anthills. May they all reap what they sew.

    Alexander, I’d say be strong, but from your commentary in your Youtube video it is quite apparent that inner strength is not something that you have any lack of at all.

    Please keep us posted as you can on your developments.


  13. Well I see that the Higgs bosom [boson] is writing again, freelancing the ‘net. Good to see it!!

    To the other “SomeCanadianGuy” – maybe we are all atheists up here eh? That god-snot snotty snot snot sure is a snot eh?

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  15. Hello, I am sorry to hear of this situation, I am quite poor living on less than 3 hundred bucks a month but I guess I am organized well enough that I managed to spare a tenner, which I have just sent your way via Paypal! hope lots of people do the same! Please never give up and try to look after whatever stray animals that might need help too!


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  18. Aloha! May the New Year be Happy for You. too! I urge You to create a fundraiser on ‘Indiegogo’, or ‘Kickstarter’. People will be eager to help You get Your Blog back on its feet. All the best to You!

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